Membrane nitrogen generators separate nitrogen from the atmosphere by passing compressed air through a permeable membrane. The technology relies on the principle of selective gas permeation.

Each gas has a different permeation rate, so as the compressed feed air stream passes across the membrane, the gases with faster permeation rate (such as O2, CO2 & CO) to be separated from “slow gasses” such as nitrogen and the “fast gases” are released back to atmosphere at low pressure as waste gas.

While the product nitrogen gas passes through a flow control and a non-return valve into the product receiver, or directly into the customer process line.


The purity of the product can be adjusted by changing the operation conditions. If the nitrogen flow rate is decreased, nitrogen purity increases and conversely, by increasing nitrogen flow, nitrogen purity is decreased. A flow/purity control valve at the discharge end of the nitrogen stream, downstream of the flow meter and nitrogen analyzer, allows finite control of flow and therefore purity.