OGP Oxygen Generator

OGP series oxygen generation systems provide a cost-effective, reliable and secure supply of oxygen. The oxygen generator’s working principle is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, with zeolite pellets that selectively isolate oxygen molecules from other molecules in compressed air. The OGP oxygen generator is perfect for applications such as ozone production, waste water treatment, health care, glass industry, etc.

Typical Performance Data
Capacity 2 to 120 Nm3/h
Purity 90 to 95 %
Discharge Pressure 5 bar
First Class of Component Fully made in Belgium, only used high quality components to assure the system performance and reliability 
Superior Control System MK5™ controller with display for full communication and monitoring possibilities. 
Convenience Non-stop available or gas on demand, supply, automatic and unattended operation
Plug & Play The unit is delivered ready to use, you only need a supply of dry compressed air.
Standard Equipment & Components Option
Skidded adsorption tower Feed air compressor and air dryer 
Control system with display Oxygen buffer tank
Zirconia oxygen sensor Oxygen booster up to 200 bar
Digital flow meter Cylinder filling station
Feed air and nitrogen pressure transmitter Dew point sensor for product gas
Exhaust silencer Gas distribution piping to point of use
Feed air filters  
Interconnect process piping & fittings