Flow & Consumption Measurement

To gain an accurate understanding of an air compressor system's air flow, it is important to measure the amount of compressed air being used for production. It’s helps save the supply of air at your point of use. It also helps to identify compressed air leaks in the system.

Sometime demand spikes can occur at any time with varying intensities and durations. This kind of data should be recorded and considered when assessing the true air flow of any compressed air system.

We use mass flow meters to record the actual amount of compressed air being used. The flow meter can be inserted into compressed air piping while under pressure, installed in bypass piping, or installed during a shut down. We use high quality flow semsor with excellent accuracy and repeatability as well as fast response times.

These flow meters output standard signals to a recording device that collects the data for review by our technicians and engineers. In large, centralized compressed air systems, several flow meters may be necessary for a complete air demand measurement.

  • Determine the compressed air consumption and the leakage loss
  • Determine compressor performance (free air delivery)

Scope of services
  • Compressor free air delivery test
  • Air consumption measurement at supply side and demand side
  • Define air consumption and the leakage loss
  • Documentation of the measurement results

  • Determine compressed efficiency
  • Determine air consumption and the leakage loss
  • Determine the minimum, maximum and average air consumption
  • To avoid undesired pressure drop due to undersupply
  • To avoid unnecessary energy consumption due to oversupply
  • Collect update data for compressor sizing

Measuring Range
  • Up to 12” pipe
  • Up to 50 bar pressure
  • Compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, natural gas…etc