Leak Management

Leaks can be a significant source of wasted energy in an industrial compressed air system. A typical plant that has not been well maintained will likely have a leak rate equal to 25 - 30% of total compressed air production capacity, sometime even up to 50% or more in extreme cases.

Air leaks not only waste energy, they also negatively affect operation by:

  • Fluctuating system pressure, which can cause air tools and other air-operated equipment to function less efficiently, possibly affecting production.
  • Excessive compressor capacity, resulting in higher than necessary costs.
  • Decreased service life and increased maintenance of supply equipment (including the compressor package) due to unnecessary cycling and increased run time.

The Real Cost of Leaks

Hole Dia.  Leak @ 6 bar Energy Loss @ 6 bar Annual Loss Annual Cost
(mm) m3/h kWh kW/yr RM/yr
1 4.32 0.3 2,400 840
3 40 3.1 24,800 8,680
5 111.2 8.3 66,400 23,240
10 445.7 33 264,000 92,400

Source : www.druckluft-effizient.de

How much energy that you wasted?

A small 1mm leak, left unfixed for 8000hrs will cost RM840 per annum at 0.35/kWh.
A 3mm leak will cost a massive RM8,680 per year

Air Leak Audit

Leak Management Program is a risk-free, fast and cost-effective way to make quick and verifiable energy cost savings. Quantify and make visible leakage is a key factor in the compressed air optimization. A proactive leak detection and repair program can ensure air leaks are reduced considerably, saving many thousands of dollars per year and also reducing compressed air system load and wear and tear. This will extend the life of your compressed air system and minimize future capital expenditure.

We offer a compressed air and gases leak detection service, our dedicated technical team use our Ultrasonic Leak Detectors which pinpoint leaks of compressed air / gases during operation even in noisy environments where no production downtime required. At the end of the exercise, a report is produced outlying leaks and the costs to repair.

Scope of Services

  • Examination of the complete compressed air system – from supply to demand side
  • Identify, tagging and record the leak and action plans for eliminating leaks
  • Documentation of leak survey
  • Repairing and improvement
  • Verification


  • ROI less than 12 months
  • Significant reduced energy losses
  • Waste less air and produced less CO2
  • Lower compressor load and longer compressor maintenance service interval


  • Compressed Air
  • Industrial Gases - Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, CO2, Natural Gas, LPG…
  • Vacuum
  • Boilers / Steam Traps