Nitrogen is a vital element in many manufacturing processes.  The level of purity needed for nitrogen depends upon its use. For most applications, high purity (over 95%) is necessary, a level easily achieved by both Membrane and PSA technologies. A purity of 99,999% can even be reached by PSA.

We know your application and our solutions are a perfect match for your needs. Nitrogen is used in many industries, either in the production process itself or for the handling and storage of goods. This gas can be used either to protect the environment from the product or vice-versa. It is also utilised in applications such as soldering and moulding for increased effectiveness.

However, companies waste millions of dollars on expensive nitrogen deliveries and rental fees. These expenses can be eliminated by using compressed air as your source of nitrogen. This can be accomplished with one our Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generators, that take a stream of compressed air, and transform it into highly concentrated nitrogen for your any application.