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Fish Farming

Aquaculture is one of the most fastest growing food producing industries of the world. There has been a rise of fish farming in developing countries in order to provide healthy and nutritious food to the population. Aquaculture not only improves food availability in these regions, but also alleviates poverty.

In recent years, fish farming has turned into high density farming practice using ponds, large scale tanks etc. Oxygen is essential in all modern fish farming, fish need oxygen to live and grow, when fish grow the density of fish in the ponds increases, while the oxygen saturation level in the water decreases and the loss of fish will be high.

Fish production can be increased as long as sufficient oxygen, fresh water and food are provided. Adding oxygen into water helps the fish farming industry to maximise production by enhancing water treatment and recycling processes. Pure oxygen dosed in correct way ensures faster growths rates, less stress and diseases and higher quality.

Benefits of Oxygen Injection for Fish Farm
  • Increase stock density by maintaining a higher level of Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Produce larger quantities of high quality fish
  • Increase reproduction rates
  • Ensure the flavour of fish by providing a clean environment
  • Prevent ice from forming during winter months
  • Increase the oxygen content over a typical air-fed aerating system
  • Ensure uniform DO levels throughout tanks and ponds
  • Provide feed gas to an existing ozone generator for disinfection

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