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Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Oxygen play an important role for breathing and support human life during surgical treatments in the operating theatre. Oxygen is usually supply in compressed cylinders or liquid form where stored in VIE tank then transform to gases distributed by hospital pipeline system to patient and surgical room.

Nowadays, many hospitals all over the world are realizing that the on-site oxygen generation provides a highly reliable and economic solution for their oxygen requirements. Eliminate the expense of purchasing, receiving, and monitoring your hospital's oxygen supply. Costly overstock, manual handling injuries and expensive emergency cylinder deliveries all add to the expense.

Medical Oxygen Generators can directly supply to hospital and also can be supplemented with high pressure oxygen compressor with filling ramp to fill cylinders to provide backup or storage to cover the peak demands. Optionally any hospital can use this filling system for their own back up or fill small bottles for their ambulances etc.

We designs, builds and installs turn-key medical pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen systems. Our oxygen generating equipment is fully automated, easy to maintain, and produces a continuous flow of medical grade oxygen.

The Benefits of On-site Oxygen Supply System
  • Oxygen management work is reduced greatly to decrease the maintenance cost.
  • The cost for oxygen is reduced in countries with low electric bill.
  • The risk from oxygen container management can be avoided.
  • The problems in the gas delivery system such as limitation of delivery distance and time, and shortage from momentary increase in demand can be relieved.

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