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Pharmaceutical Industries

Product Transfer

Nitrogen can be used to assist safe transfer of substances from one vessel to another. This highly effective solution speeds up the process without causing any dissolution or build-up of substances. Using a safe, inert gas to transfer liquid or powder pharmaceutical materials is crucial as they can be hazardous if improperly handled. Many pharmaceutical ingredients can be damaged or even explode if allowed to contact oxygen or water vapor.

Aseptic Packaging

Nitrogen purging is a widely used technique that removes oxygen from packaging before sealing to help preserve and protect the product during transport.

Examples of items frequently packaged with nitrogen gas include:
  • Blister packaged pharmaceutical products
  • Test kits for physician offices
  • Blood supplies
  • Specimen containers
  • Sterile medical devices


Manufacturing and analytical equipment can be purged with nitrogen gas to remove oxygen and water vapour from process lines, this can increase product quality and reduce the need for further conditioning treatments.

API’s and final drug products must be stored in the appropriate way to ensure humidity and oxygen do not affect the product and powders do not agglomerate. Blanketing with nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere that suppresses airborne contamination such as moisture and bacteria. Nitrogen will also provide a blanket to protect potentially reactive materials from contact with oxygen, and so maintain quality.

Common Products & Sectors using Nitrogen in Pharmaceutical Industries

  • API Production
  • Analysis Instrument & Devices
  • Research & Quality Control
  • Tank Storage / Desiccator Storage

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