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Tyre Inflation

Tyre Filling

The concept of nitrogen filling in tyres has been known to the industry for many years and particularly in high-tech sector such as aerospace, military aircraft, commercial airlines and Formula 1 racing.

Nitrogen offers many benefits over using plain compressed air to fill tyre. Nitrogen isn’t just about improved tyre performance, nitrogen also increase driving safety and goes a little way to helping reduce global CO2 emissions. For truck fleet operators, those vehicles in continual operation, the savings can have a large impact on their operational costs.

The Key Benefits of Nitrogen Filled Tyre:

Extended Tyre Life

Industry field tests tyre inflated with nitrogen can last 25% longer or more. Since nitrogen is a clean, inert and moisture-free, it’s eliminate internal tyre oxidation, which slow down the chemical aging of tyres. Slower aging lengthens tyre core life, which yields extra retreads and lower fleet costs.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Maintaining tyre pressure can boost fuel economy by up to 6%. This is due to two factors, reduced rolling resistance from proper tyre pressure and reduced heat in the tyres. Nitrogen disperses heat more quickly than ambient air, thus minimising heat build-up in tyres and enhancing fuel efficiencies.

Nitrogen Run Cooler Tyres

Nitrogen is non-flammable and does not support combustion. It reduces the risk of excessive heat build-up in your tires. Nitrogen inflated tires run consistently 20% cooler than air-filled tires. By allowing them to keep their cool, nitrogen can help to prolong the life of your tires and reduce tire failures.

Enhanced Safety

80% of tyre explosion are caused by poorly maintained tyre pressure, especially on heavy vehicles. Nitrogen helps improve pressure retention, tyre’s handling, and control, minimising the risk of catastrophic road failures like blowouts when that happens serious injuries can occur. A blowout at high speeds can lead to a dangerous car accident.

Improved Retreadability

Eliminating oxidation also improves the retreadability due to more flexibility in the tire casing. Less tire aging and tire cord rust could very well increase the number of retreadable casings and also increase the number of times a casing can be retreaded.

Common Products & Sectors using Nitrogen In Tyre Inflation

  • Haulage & Logistic
  • Racing Car
  • Military Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Car & Tyre Service Center
  • Mining Trucks

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