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Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant

ANOX oxygen generators can be incorporated with high pressure oxygen compressor that provides an infinite supply of nitrogen gas on-site for high pressure application or cylinder filling. Complete plants include a feed air compressor, air receivers, air dryer with filtration, oxygen generator, oxygen receiver, oxygen compressor and a cylinder filling rack.

This system is a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to renting High Pressure Oxygen Cylinders for a wide range of industrial applications. This gives you the ability to fill your own cylinders for a fraction of the cost of cylinder gas purchase and delivery. Most filling plant use oxygen booster to fill cylinders with oxygen from up to 150 barg (2200 psig).

The high pressure cylinder filling plant is totally automated system and can either be static where gas cylinders are permanently manifolded into the application or a traditional cylinder filling station where cylinders are manually loaded and unloaded for use in remote locations.

Key Features

  • Stationed or skidded design and build
  • Equipped with air compressor and filtration package
  • Equipped with high pressure oxygen compressor
  • Equipped with high pressure manifold for cylinders filling


  • High pressure oxygen cylinders
  • High pressure oxygen piping distribution from O2 filling plant to point of use

Typical Application

  • Any other application requiring medium and high pressure of oxygen


Technology EmployPressure Swing Adsorption
Controlled systemPLC
Oxygen Purity93% (+/- 3%)
CapacityUp to 100 cylinders per day
Filling Pressure150 - 200 bar
Product Dew Point-50°C PDP (+/- 5)
Operating Temperature5 – 55 oC
Outlet Connection¼” NPT or BSPT
Cylinder ConnectionCGA 540 Standard
Electrical Supply415V / 50Hz / 3Ph

Typical High Pressure Oxygen Cylinder Refilling Plant Layout