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Flow Assessment

To assure the efficiency and effectiveness of compressed air systems, the measurement of flow is crucial. Flow assessment determine the actual air demand and evaluate the appropriate size of compressor needed. Furthermore, it’s also help to identify the leak rate volume in compressed air system.

Our assessments can use thermal mass or pressure differential flow meter to track the output of the compressed air production system and match it up with the compressor status and system pressures. You will find out where compressed air is being used inappropriately and what opportunities for improvement are available. Using this information key energy performance indicators can be calculated to determine if your system is efficiently producing compressed air.

The Benefit of Flow Measurement

“Flow Assessment” is one of the most cost effective ways to do find, repair, keep measure and monitor the leakage. Once you able to manage those leakage in your plant, you are not only stop wasting money, you also improve your plant efficiency:

  • Develop a baseline of total compressed air consumption or individual usage of each production lines or department
  • Prevent unwanted pressure drop due to undersupply
  • Prevent unnecessary energy consumption due to oversupply
  • Determining compressed air losses due to leakage
  • Compressed air supply to production can be optimally configured

What can we find in your compressed air system through flow assessment?

A typical example in the real world as above, the plant had leaks that made up approximately 36% of the average compressed air usage. With a local average industrial electricity rate of RM0.35/kW and base on 6000 hours operation a year, the leak cost was contributed to energy loss as much as RM117,000 per year.

Typical Application

Plant air consumption measurement
CDA consumption at point of use
Flow test at air compressor discharge
40 bar high pressure compressed air measurement
Nitrogen gas consumption measurement
Natural gas consumption measurement