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Nitrogen Gas System Audit

What air quality do you require? Has your current nitrogen system been design with your industry requirements in mind?

ANOX offers a comprehensive engineering survey and study for nitrogen gas users who are motivated to substantially reduce their nitrogen expenditure, improve operational efficiency and contribute to global sustainability.

Nitrogen Audit

We using calibrated instrumentation and state of the art live streaming technology to measure your existing nitrogen usage profile (such as cylinder, liquid bulk tank or existing N2 generator) and create a baseline report, detailing the following information:

  • Total nitrogen consumption or individual usage of each production lines or department
  • Prevent unwanted pressure drop due to undersupply
  • Prevent unnecessary demand due to oversupply
  • Determining nitrogen losses due to leakage
  • Nitrogen purity at supply site or point of use (Oxygen contain in % or ppm level)
  • Air to N2 ratio (existing or old nitrogen generator)

The Benefits Your Gain

If your industrial facility utilizes nitrogen, a system audit may uncover ways to improve productivity and your bottom line. A comprehensive audit can root out hidden inefficiencies. Depending on the audit results, it may contribute almost immediately to the following:

  • Nitrogen cost reduction
  • Minimise nitrogen waste
  • Ensures the nitrogen quality supplied to industrial processes are free of impurities that might damage equipment or alter the quality of finished products.
  • Alternative solution & cost comparison analysis