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Modular Aluminium Piping System

The Challenge & Importance of Compressed Air Piping

Compressor piping installations are an important part of your compressor system. A proper piping installation ensures the compressor system delivers enough air, of good quality, at the right pressure, to the right locations. It’s well understood that compressed air is costly to produce, if an air compressor system is poorly designed or installed, it can result in any (or all) of the following:

  • Increased energy costs
  • Equipment failure
  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased maintenance requirements
  • Air quality contaminated by rusted steel pipe

A proper compressor piping installation to combat these challenges. The selection of the proper piping material to meet the system’s requirements is highly important. From welded or threaded malleable iron to aluminium and stainless steel, there are several traditional and modern, modular pipework systems to distribute your compressed air from point of generation or storage to point of use. Pipework material should be chosen in accordance with industry best practice and to suit the ultimate use of the air accounting for air quality requirements and any potential conflict between pipe materials and your end product.

Aluminium Pipework

Aluminium pipework system is easy to modify and extend. As a compressed air system inside the factory, adding a new branch line or point of use drop takes few minutes to be operative. These can also be added live using the hot tap tool so there is minimum disruption to production.

The big advantage of the aluminium piping system is AIR FLOW. The high precision aluminium extruded profiles of our aluminium piping have a smooth inner surface. The friction of air flowing through the tubing is considerably lower than in a conventional rough steel or black steel pipe. Such a feature can be easily translated into less pressure drop and extra flow with the same electric power supply consumption. The thinner wall of aluminium piping translates into a much larger internal diameter. Compared with galvanised or steel pipe of the same out diameter, aluminium provides on average 23% increased air flow.

Whatever your compressed air pipework requirements, we can design, supply and install a high performance modular aluminium pipework air system that is both cost effective and an ideal solution for your business.

Why Alumimium Piping?

Long Lasting

Aluminium does not rust and is not subject to corrosion, thus inside a pipe the air is clean as soon as treated at the origin. This ensures longer life of all the devices connected to it.

Excellent Performance

The superb design of our aluminium pipes joined to the reliability and the lightweight of aluminium, are maximizing the performance of each operational phase of the project, both in a factory, on board of a machine or feeding an air tool.

Cost Reduction

The aluminium piping eliminates the hidden costs of compressed air, constantly rising during the entire life of the plant distribution.

  • Costs for air leaks.
  • Costs due to low flow rates and high pressure drops.
  • Costs for downtime and labour costs for each modification.

Energy Saving

The high-precision extruded profiles have a smooth inner surface and that is why the friction of the air flowing through the pipe is considerably lower compared to a conventional black or galvanized steel pipe. This precisely leads to a lower pressure drop and a higher flow rate with equal consumption of electricity.

Modular Design

A modular piping distribution system is easy to modify and extend, like a simple energy manifold inside the factory. Each element is designed to be lightweight, flexible and modular, so that adding a new machine or a new point of use will require a few minutes to get started.

High Efficiency

You can explain in many different ways the extraordinary efficiency of aluminium piping products; from the smoothness of the internal bore, to the optimized thickness to increase the flow, from the double seats for the O-rings on all connectors, to the new outlet plates, from the design of shapes and volumes for improving ergonomics to the study of details that increase energy efficiency.

Product Information

Max Working Pressure

16 Bar

Minimum Burst Test Pressure

71 Bar

Service Fluid Type

Compressed air, Nitrogen, Water

Pipe Size

20 to 250 mm

Pipe Colour

Blue. Green & Grey

Service Temperature Limit

-30 to 100 oC

Pipe Material

Aluminium Alloy EN AW 6060 T5 according to EN573.3

Internal Clamp Fittings Material

AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Fittings Material

Aluminium Alloy EN AW6061 corresponding to ASTM B241 - 6061 T6

Fittings Thread Standard

BSPT according ISO 7-1  /  NPT according to ANSI B1.20.1

O-ring & Lip Gasket material

NBR 65/75 S.A.

Surface Treatment

Polyester resin coated


10 Years

Energy Saving With Compressed Air Installation In Aluminium

Our alumium pipeworks products are developed keeping an eye on sustainability since ever. The use of aluminium piping system drastically reduces the need for welding, making the installation faster and safer, but also eliminating harmful fumes contributing to a general improvement in air quality. The Major Benefits:

  • Improvement of productivity & reduction of energy costs
  • Reduction of labour, maintenance and operating costs
  • Reuseable modular system, easy for future expension and modification
  • Sustainable air quality with non-corrossive piping which means does not affect the quality of the fluid transported to end use

Compressed Air is Expensive – Don’t Waste & Save It!

Make The Right Choice

You may change your compressor or dryer in future, but your compressed air piping is a fixed utility in your plant.

Use High Quality Products

Original quality piping system will assure reliable performance and expected safety standards in your factory.

Choose The Right Size

The right engineering & sizing of the system is fundamental to save energy, potentially more than any other practice.

Install A Leak-Free System

In a conventional piping system leaks may waste 25-30% of your compressed air. Routinely check your system for leaks. Modular systems with positive seals will perform better than any threated conventional tubing.

Don’t Focus On Initial Cost

The cost of components is only a small part of the total investment. Choose systems with the lowest cost of ownership!

Aluminium Pipes vs Traditional Galvanised Pipes

Aluminium Pipe

Galvanised Pipe

Smooth surface.

Rough surface

Low friction factor.

Friction factor is almost double of an aluminium pipe

Low initial pressure drop.
(E.g. In a system with an air demand of 110 l/s, designed as a 400 m long ring of Ø50 mm (2”) pipes with P = 7 bar, the pressure drop (∆P) equals 0.2 bar.)

High initial pressure drop.
(E.g. In a system with an air demand of 110 l/s, designed as a 400 m long ring of Ø50 mm (2”) pipes with P = 7 bar, the pressure drop (∆P) equals 0.37 bar.)

Aluminium and brass fittings are corrosion-free.

Corrosion protection depends on galvanization quality.

No risk of corrosion when cutting the aluminium. Very low risk of leakage, which is not related to corrosion.

When cutting the pipe, the galvanization is removed. The connection poses a high risk of corrosion at low level points where water can stagnate, resulting in a high risk of leakage.

Lightweight pipes: a standard Ø50 mm (2”) diameter pipe weighs less than 5 kg (11 lbs).

Heavy pipes: a standard Ø50 mm (2”) pipe weighs more than 25 kg (55 lbs).

Short manual cutting time.


Very long manual cutting time, electrical cutter may generate some metallic dust.

Fast deburring of the pipe and easy push-in joining pipe to pipe. Pipes can be simply pushed into the fitting.

Long threading time on the pipe and requires a certain level of experience to avoid future leakage.

The fittings can be tightened by hand and secured with a spanner.

The galvanized fittings need to be tightened using a spanner. The risk of leakage depends on the quality of the thread.

Modifying the network is easy: the fittings and pipes can be simply disassembled and re-used.

Modifying the network is often difficult: after disassembly, the pipes have to be cut, changed, threaded and re-assembled.

Standard painted blue (compressed air) or green (inert gases) for easy network identification.

Pipes need to be painted in the appropriate color, adding to the total cost.

Fast Installation & Flexible Fit